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Fresh produce available all year round

What is the VERTI Solution

Vertical farming for indoor cultivation of fresh produce available all year round, pesticide-free and ready to eat.

VERTI is a franchise of
indoor farming
that enables local growers to supply premium fresh produce in their immediate area year-round in a sustainable way.

VERTI’s goal is to replace the imported salad product to create value locally.

The VERTI vertical farm franchise is based on:

Maximum Profitability

Low implementation cost and return on investment in less than 2 years

Turnkey project

Agile start-up in 2 months thanks to modular manufacturing, obtaining the first harvest in 2 months.

Control and Monitoring

Great ease of Operation based on the Management and Monitoring Software developed by VERTI.

Scalable franchise

Development of a network of franchisees with Fabrik facilities, with a rapid positioning of the VERTI brand with high market value

Consulting and Supply

Permanent on-site and remote assistance service and supply of certified consumables

Innovation and Quality

Continued investment in R&D to improve technology and increase efficiency

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What you get with a VERTI installation

Our company

Verti, Experience and Technology at the service of indoor farming

VERIT is an agritech startup created by two lettuce market pioneers, Emmanuel Leconte and Caridad Navarro, with more than 25 years of experience in the production and distribution of fresh produce in Europe and Africa.

Verti’s goal is to build a new, more sustainable new, with less distance between the producer and the consumer.

And for this purpose, they have developed an affordable and efficient indoor farming technologytechnology, affordable and efficient, to set up factories in developing countries, starting in Africa.

Verti’s teams are located in two sites: France and Spain, where ourFabrik S pilot plant is located, which we invite you to visit.


Who VERTI is aimed at

Implementation areas

- Arabian Peninsula
- Africa
- Islands and areas with difficult access


Cooperatives, farmers or companies with farms seeking to diversify their production models.


Food chains or distribution companies seeking to secure their supply.

HORECA Channel

Catering sector with the need to control its self-supply of salads.

Agritech Entrepreneurs

Investors in new agricultural technologies seeking high returns in the short and medium term.

VERTI Solutions

Are you looking for an innovative and sustainable vertical farming solution that offers maximum profitability?

The VERTI Vertical Farming franchise is the answer.

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