Design and installation of a FABRIK model of your choice including a modular and scalable NFT hydroponic system with LED lights for salad production.

VERTI hydroponic plants

At VERTI we are designing the next generation of vertical farms for our franchise network:

More productive, More affordable and  Less polluting.

With significant advantages over other commercial solutions:

  • The development of a simple and low CAPEX solution.
  • Ongoing R&D at our Cartagena facilities to optimize CAPEX and OPEX.
  • Growth based on a model of franchised local producers.

Comparison of production systems

Thanks to the novel technological approach we apply at VERIT, we are revolutionizing the performance of proximity horticulture.

This comparative table shows the differences between the most widespread salad production systems:

Characteristics FABRIK Installation

FABRIK is the installation model designed by VERTI for indoor agriculture in developing countries, with an optimized consumption of water and electricity resources, and a high capacity of intensive production.

Easy to manage

Specific software for the management of crop conditions according to their growth stage

Reduced maintenance

All materials, equipment and IOT systems have been selected for optimal use.

Modular system

Each module is 2.7 m wide x 3 to 5 m long x 3 m high.

Affordable cost

Installation cost from 35.000€ for a 50 m² property.

Choose your FABRIK model

From our Fabrik S1 vertical farm, we distribute our fresh, ready-to-eat salads locally, grown without pesticides and conserving the environment’s water and natural resources.

Click on the video for a virtual visit to VERTI's Pilot Plant in Cartagena.
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How a FABRIK system works


Seed sowing


Seedbed Module


Production Module


Harvesting and Packaging


Commercial distribution

VERTI Solutions

Are you looking for an innovative and sustainable vertical farming solution that offers maximum profitability?

The VERTI Vertical Farming franchise is the answer.

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