Who we are

VERTI is an Agritech startup that aims to deploy a franchised network of vertical farms in emerging areas where fresh produce is scarce.

What is VERTI

Affordable and Sustainable Vertical Farming Solution, Scalable and easy to operate.

The agricultural world is currently facing a number of new challenges:

  • Food scarcity: food production capacity is limited to meet the demand of a population of 8 billion inhabitants in a context of climate change, with particular impact on developing areas.
  • Geographical inequalities in access to fresh produce: many areas depend on a supply of fresh produce with very costly and highly polluting transport and logistics chains.

VERTI’s challenge lies in finding effective solutions that respect the environment and allow people to consume fresh, healthy and quality products.

Therefore, building on our 25 years of experience in large-scale salad production, we have created a solution from  vertical farming for developing countries, where salads are expensive and mainly imported. 

Our goal is to deploy 36 indoor farms, ranging from 100 m² to 10,000 m², over the next 5 years.

Verti: Vertical Farming Innovation for a Sustainable Future

At VERTI we are committed to forging a new paradigm in the agricultural supply chain, one that advocates sustainability and promotes proximity between producer and consumer.

Our teams of AGRICULTURAL and TECHNOLOGICAL experts are strategically located in two European agricultural hotspots: France and Spain. It is at the latter location that our Fabrik
our Fabrik S pilot plant
a facility that represents the state-of-the-art in vertical agricultural technology reproducible in any country in the world.

In our plant you will learn how this sustainable, efficient and profitable vertical farming solution works.

Verti is in collaboration with technologists, agricultural entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who share our vision of local production of quality fresh vegetables by optimizing water, energy and human resources, to offer a consumer product available on the shelf a few hours after harvesting.

Welcome to VERTI, the future of sustainable intensive agriculture!

Our mission is clear:
to transform conventional agriculture into a more efficient and environmentally friendly model.

Emmanuel Leconte

CEO Verti


Emmanuel Leconte

Farming Entrepreneur
Co-founder AGROLITO
Co-founder JERIKO VC

Charity Navarro

Farming Entrepreneur
Co-founder AGROLITO

Olivier Tilloy

Former fintech entrepreneur
VC investor in Africa

Siro Gonzalez

Co-founder and CTO ALEUTOS

Angel Paredes Ortega
Master Farm

Agricultural Engineer
25 years in horticultural production

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