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The VERTI Integral Solution includes the phases of Design, Installation, Operation and Marketing of an indoor farm for the production of salads with hydroponic system through a franchise network.

VERTI Solution for Vertical Farming

VERTI offers a comprehensive solution based on hydroponic technology that allows the production of premium fresh produce anywhere in the world and all year round in a sustainable way.

For this purpose, a Vertical Farming indoor farm is designed with a series of features:

Scalable Modular System

Size and production capacity of the plant can be adapted to different local producers according to the market.

Yield adjusted investment

Modular manufacturing optimized for maximum performance allows for tight costs, with an affordable overall investment and a return on investment of less than 2 years.

Management and Monitoring Software

Easy to operate systems thanks to a proprietary management and monitoring software, with a 24x7 online support service.

Marketing Software

It enables efficient commercial management and distribution, and billing and collection management.

Sustainable local production

It allows the substitution of imported salads for local products, creating value in its proximity environment.

Services offered by VERTI


Market Analysis

We study the local market, sales prices and production costs to know your profitability before making the investment.


FABRIK Installation

We configure the FABRIK installation adapted to your business profile, and install all the components with a turnkey project.


Production Consulting

VERTI’s technical team accompanies the franchisee in all phases of production, on site and remotely to advise you permanently.

In addition, VERTI includes:

  • Training services and technical and commercial advice.
  • Supply of guaranteed and optimized consumables for crops: selected seeds, plugs, fertilizers, bio-stimulants, packaging bags, labels, etc.
  • Ongoing R&D to improve technology and increase plant efficiency, with tests at our pilot plant in Cartagena.


Marketing Support

After two months, the distribution of salads begins in local markets, directly or through our marketplace. Consult our Commercial Consulting and Marketplace service.


Franchisee Network

As a VERTI franchisee you receive permanent support and participate in the actions of the franchise in your commercial area.

With VERTI we will always accompany you to boost the growth of your business! growth of your business!

VERTI Solutions

Are you looking for an innovative and sustainable vertical farming solution that offers maximum profitability?

The VERTI Vertical Farming franchise is the answer.

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